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ByElizabeth J. Bohn

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Mental health has become a huge talking point across the world over the past decade. Medical practitioners and regular individuals alike have now uncovered just how important mental health is for a well-functioning society, hence, huge strides are being made everyday in a bid to improve the world’s overall mental well-being.

Digital Technology is one of those strides.

Digital technology has changed the face of mental health care, allowing therapists to offer more individualized care to patients, reduce costs, and work from anywhere.

Today’s best practices rely heavily on digital tools, which can help you build a competitive edge and expand your reach.

With that said, here are four essential digital tools for your medical health care business;

Electronic healthcare records

Electronic health (eHealth) records have become an essential tool for medical practices of all sizes. 

Modern medical practices rely almost entirely on digital records these days, and the same is true for most therapists and other mental health care professionals. 

It is imperative for a mental health care business to have access to mental health EMR software as it is an efficient way to compile health care records of their patients while also avoiding mistakes like losing a patient’s records or mixing up a patient’s records.

Digitizing healthcare records is a premise of the entire digitization of the healthcare system which is the next step towards making healthcare as a whole more efficient across the world.

Patients who have access to digital records can receive their healthcare services from the comfort of their home or office, which improves the quality of life for millions of people every year. 

That’s why it’s so important for healthcare businesses of all sizes to invest in the latest eHealth technologies to provide their patients with the highest quality care possible. 

Telehealth and Remote Care

Telehealth and remote care have become two of the most exciting and promising advancements in health care, with businesses and the general population adopting telemedicine as a healthcare solution.

Telehealth simply means that patients can get in touch with a mental health care professional from the comfort of their home and receive remote mental health care.

It can improve the quality of life for people across the world while leaving a positive effect on the bottom line of your medical health care business. 

It represents a new frontier with regards to convenience within the healthcare industry as Telehealth means that many patients do not need to leave their homes or offices to visit a therapist. Since their mental healthcare can be done remotely, this scales down in contact meetings, creating flexible working hours for medical health care professionals.

This is why a lot of mental health care businesses are now investing in telehealth. 

E-Prescription systems

E-Prescription systems are software programs that help medical professionals write and manage their patients’ electronic health (eHealth) records. 

These systems are designed for medical health professionals to allow them to accurately offer patients medical prescriptions from the comfort of their homes. 

It is an essential part of the telehealth innovation as it represents the basis of prescriptions during remote medical evaluation sessions.

The advantage of using an e-prescription system is that mental healthcare professionals can automatically generate a prescription, which can then be sent to the pharmacy, saving time and removing any human error that might have occurred in the normal process.

Artificial Intelligence Diagnoses

One of the most exciting advances in the world of digital health care is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to diagnose medical conditions.

Artificial intelligence has gotten so advanced over the past few years that it is now capable of diagnosing illnesses and conditions with a degree of accuracy.

AI is the use of unsupervised electronic systems to solve complex day-to-day problems.  It is being used across a wide array of industries, but its application in the mental health care field is a reason why a lot of mental health care businesses are now investing in AI digital tools.

Of course, considering AI is still a budding piece of technology, it is not perfectly accurate by any means, but it still represents an essential tool for diagnosing medical conditions including mental health conditions.

One of the most promising AI applications for the medical health care field is chatbots, which can conduct online consultations with patients, and then provide a diagnosis and prescription using AI, this means that patients have ease of access to good health care.

Technology is setting the pace for how mental healthcare businesses are being run. The key to running an efficient mental health care business in the 21st century is adopting various digital tools in a bid to automate the process. 

The adoption of digital mental health care creates a safe, patient-friendly environment that is proven to increase the standard of mental health care by making it readily available to those that need it.


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