Pick up real life skills from these 7 games

Video games are one of the best things anyone can engage themselves in, either younger or old. Though video game often centres on fiction, one can learn some real-life skills from these videos. Most parents will not encourage their children to engage in a video game because it will take them nowhere, but the video game’s perception is now different because it offers you skills to help you survive. All you must do is look beyond the game and apply things to a real-life situation.

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This article will serve as an eyeopener to seven different skills video games offer, patiently read through!

  • Survival

One of the most effective video game skills will teach you how to survive, and we all know how survival skills are essential in our world to scale through difficulties. Gamers will always want to survive at a present level to move to another; this will make the gamer keep trying different means to survive from their enemies. The survival skill learned can be applied to a real-life scenario. For example, an instance whereby one is to look for a means to survive in a situation. It has, in a way, increased the gamer’s cognitive reasoning, which will take us to our next skill.

  • Advanced Thinking

The video game has difficult tasks to accomplish, and gamers need to think before completing a particular task. Gamers tend to think two steps ahead while playing before making any decision. We all can agree that this forms a crucial part of our life, especially in the business world. Video game improves gamers’ cognitive thinking; it helps to analyze critical judgment and make a fast decision when needed.

  • Risk-Taking

Risk-taking is another critical factor you can deduce from video games. We all know games include numerous dangerous scenes, and gamers will always want to have their way in every phase they find their selves.

Life is full of risk-taking, and gamers who are used to taking risks so that they can survive will also find their way in any risk in life.

  • Patience And Perseverance

One may be thinking, how can video games inculcate patience and perseverance. If you have played N64’s ocarina of time, the water temple level, you will understand patient importance. Patient and determination are infrequent qualities of successful people both in the business world and the professional world.

  • Leadership

‘Everybody is a leader; we only need to awaken the leader in us,’ said Robin Sharma. A video game is another way to awaken the spirit of leadership. In most games, there is always a leader to lead his people against the antagonist.

Gamers are left with the task to lead and direct. Robin Sharma says, ‘successful people have successful thinking, and the best leaders run superb leadership habits’ video games help gamers awaken exquisite leadership patterns. If a gamer is in a position to lead, the gamer will always lead well because he/she has been practising leadership.

  • Problem-Solving

Great thinkers are problem solvers. As mentioned in the second skill, video games improve cognitive reason, and if one can reason very well, one will can solve problems.

In every organization, there is a need for problem-solving skills for the growth of the organization. And a gamer who consistently solves problems in games will perform very well in a real situation.

  • Multi-Tasking

The last on our list and not the list is multi-tasking. We have what we call multi-player in some games, which can be a metaphorical phrase for multi-task. Gamers learn to manage multi-players, and this can help them to know more about multi-tasking.

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