The online market is rewarding and gives a competitive edge over the traditional real estate business. If you are some who plans to generate business or redesign the website of your real estate firm, you need to act upon it quickly. However, there are certain features you need to integrate, and only a qualified Web Design Company can help you sort it out.

When developing a website for your business, you have two options to go for. Either get a creative website or keep it smooth and simple – the choice is yours. Ideally, a Website Design Company recommends giving it a touch of both worlds, i.e., easy to navigate with a great look. 

So, let’s not waste further and drop in on a real estate website’s top essential features. 

Customized Display

Think about it logically; you own a website and run a business. Now, the customer doesn’t have the option to visit the project physically. Your website is the only option to visualize your service. You must have idealized how essential it is to have a customized display that features maximum exposure without being too intrusive.

Facts: By 2025, Millennials will form more than 20 million new households.

Property Cards

Adding a property card is yet another subtle way to display features. Web Development Companies can lay it out aptly via mouse hover. This makes your website stand out against your competitors.

Search Property Tabs

After comprehensive research done by our SEO Company, here’s what we’ve concluded. Visitors skim the website for more or less than 3-6 seconds. When you have tabs on the site, you will find it easier to search for properties. Tabs can help toggle search such as rentals, mortgages, and so on.

Contact Information

Although your website serves to let information pass to your prospects, the real business deal starts when visitors contact you. In fact, to let potential customers identify you, it is necessary to have convenient access. 

If you own a website, check if the contact information is on every page or not.

Real Estate Blogs

Blogs are compelling. In fact, if you are a business holder and generate leads online quickly, a blog is your magic weapon. The addition of new articles daily or perhaps weekly will let google flow traffic to your website and help you generate absolute business.

Fun Fact: Your website allows you to sell an acre of land on the moon for less than $30.

Market Report

In order to revolutionize your business growth, you need to have a strong brand. However, there’s a saying, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Similar is it with your brand. The market report provides detailed insight into business studies. You should also consider attaching weekly/monthly reports on property sales, customers, market, and more to your customers directly.

Fact: Real estate business is second to agriculture when it comes to employment. It is slated to grow at 30% over the next decade.

Virtual Tours

With advancements in technology, any Website Design Company in Kolkata, India, can get your site nicely designed virtual tours. Once done, upload the tour on various pages, including social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, and more.

Call to Action

8 out of 10 customers who visit the website are not sure whether to purchase your service or not. So, how do you make them go for your business? Simple as it is, it gets them to do the work! Add call-to-action buttons. A few of the examples here include

  • What’s My Home Worth?
  • How Should My Home Look?
  • Buyers tips to a perfect home & other countless CTAs

9) Map View

There’s nothing secret but location matters a great deal for any customer. Say your business site shows the area on a place A. However when your customer spots it next to location B, which is a park. But, you didn’t mention a highway next to the park and a railway station adjacent to it. See, you signed the place is! A map view allows you to let your customer have an overview of the business. 

Final Wrap

Have you understood how significant it is to have an explicitly designed website for your business! You need to have a professional website if you want to stand out from others. This can be a little more than what you expect, but every penny you invest here is worth a hundred times. 

If you are a real-estate business owner, don’t be late; get a complete website and start generating business with your fingertip. Good luck!