We are living in the 21st century and according to the latest trend our daily routine life has been set like we can’t survive a day without a mobile phone. It is a basic need nowadays whether you are a schoolboy or you are running your business or you are a shopaholic housewife everyone’s top priority is a mobile phone. Now you all might be thinking that why I am stating the obvious facts. So it goes like excess of everything is bad, it also has pros and cons. Either we use it in a good or a bad way it depends on us. If we are using it for contacting our loved ones or a little social media a day or for online shopping, for education, for email, till then its all good. But whole night busy in an online game with friends or using it for malicious content etc then you are officially going towards the wrong end.

Most of the teen use smartphone-like latter and if you are a mother of teenage then I might understand your frustration and worries. The teen might have been showing aggressive symptoms, like being violent or showing a lack of patience, not taking interest in studies or important matters, or is not good in social terms. Then it might is the right time to take things seriously and keep a strict monitoring eye on his activities especially screen time activities. If you don’t want to be a helicopter parent but at the same time check their smartphone activities don’t worry, OgyMogy has got your back.

OgyMogy is the spy app that offers a bundle of features for parental control and employee monitoring. Along with the android version of the spy app, it also offers Mac and Windows spy app version for laptop and tablet monitoring.

OgyMogyis one of the most used spy apps. It offers a lot of excellent features that can help a mother to keep an eye on the smartphone of his teenager. The Call history feature allows the user to record the call of the target person. You can track incoming and outgoing calls including caller and recipient details. The Gallery feature of OgyMogy allows the user to easily retrieve photos captured from the phone. Users can also see the downloaded images from the internet or some other source. Thus keep an eye on the shared and content images and videos file on the target person and make sure they are not into adult content. The GPS location feature can check the exact location of the kid or target person. It can let you know about where they are planning to give you access to the current GPS location of their android device. Calendar Activities, a feature offered by OgyMogy gives remote access to their calendar app. Thus users can check out all the upcoming and previous events and find what are they up to in the coming week or month beforehand. Other features include SMS History, you can also monitor their SMS app and read all messages, and also check the senders’ details as well.

One of the main sets of features that are most demanding in the current lifestyle offered by OgyMogy is those features that are responsible for internet monitoring. You can keep an eye on their online activities by using the track internet history feature of OgyMogy. It allows the user to have access to all the websites visited by the target person. So keep an eye on your teenager Netflix history and recommendation and make sure they are not interested in any useless content. You can even watch the frequently visited sites as well by the feature offered by OgyMogy that allows the user to know about the bookmarked folder as well.

So check out the android phone of your teen with the OgyMogy android spy app and keep a strict monitoring eye on the screen time activities of your teenager. You can keep a strict eye on the social media accounts of your teenager with several spy apps of OgyMogy. These apps give remotes access to the social media account of the target person. So try FaceBook spy app, Instagram spy app, Twitter spy app, Spy on Snapchat, WhatsApp spy app, and many more other social media spy apps and keep an eye on the content shared by the teenager.

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