Brooklyn DA backs gun violence education and mental health programs in New York schools

ByElizabeth J. Bohn

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NEW YORK — With gun violence soaring around New York City and especially in Brooklyn, District Attorney Eric Gonzalez is proposing a new idea involving schools. 

The Brooklyn DA has often been at the forefront of innovative programs to deal with crime. Now he wants to tie gun violence education to mental health programs in schools, CBS2’s Marcia Kramer reported Thursday. 

He said many young people in the city today are victims of gun violence or commit gun crimes. 

“Six out of nine of the last mass shootings have been committed by people 21 or under,” Gonzalez said. 

With those stunning statistics in mind, the Brooklyn DA said it’s time for the state to enact a comprehensive gun violence program in New York schools.

Gonzalez wants:

  • Young kids to be taught not to touch guns
  • Older children to learn the dangers of guns
  • Teachers to be taught how to recognize the warning signs of mental illness and how to recognize and report potential threats
  • Schools to develop better tools for young people to share information about potential threats without fear or reprisal

“I’m calling on state leaders to mandate gun violence education to young people because so often it’s young people who are committing these horrific mass shootings, young people who see the signs of stress of classmates in schools. And these red flags that are apparent go unnoticed and unreported. It’s critical that we treat and train on mental health issues in our schools,” Gonzalez said. 

Gonzalez said he’s especially worried because he sees a new influx of guns into the city and his borough because of the recent Supreme Court ruling

Historically, Gonzalez said, states with lax gun laws have higher rates of gun violence.

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