If you are a new trader who has just entered the trading world, I want you to know beforehand that survival in this world isn’t as easy as it looks. You’ll find imposters and tricksters wherever you go and the twist in the tale is that you will not be able to recognize them at once. In fact, it’s not as easy even if you observe them skillfully. These fake firms have been in the market for a long time now and they are very well aware of your psychology and hence they have devised techniques that help them steal your money without you realizing it. 

Hold on, this isn’t to disappoint you all or to make your spirits go low. In fact, this has been explained only to make sure that you are well aware of the dangers that might come your way. I have been trading for years and till this point, it takes me a lot to actually distinguish between a fake and a real firm. This isn’t easy but if you choose to stay vigilant you can definitely succeed one day. I had been a customer of so many of these fake ones till I finally found Chelsea- Investments. My friend’s cousin told me about this one when I was living through a phase where I could see nothing but darkness around. A part of me kept telling me that my career as a trader has come to an end because of these fake firms and I almost agreed but just then, I was told about Chelsea-Investments. Because I was going through a very rough patch of my life, I didn’t believe in all the good things that I was told about. 

But my friend wanted me to look into it only because his cousin was a huge fan of the broker. He opened the website there and then and showed me how it was. I have to acknowledge that the website was great but just looking at the website and feeling good about it wasn’t something enough for me at that point. I wanted to research more about the forex firm before making the final decision so I went out into the market in search of experts who could give me the right advice. Here I would like to tell you all that you should always seek sincere advice but don’t think of them as an ultimate way out. You should ask multiple people but do what you find is right. I don’t want to imply that they won’t offer you an honest opinion, in fact, your right and their right might not be the same necessarily because of diverse trading needs. 

It’s been quite a lot of time since I have joined Chelsea-Investments and I have to say I found it to be a great broker. Here at this platform, I feel like I have landed in just the right hands and my future and assets are safe with them. 

Let me tell you that so many repeated scams gave me an advantage, which is that I can now critically analyze a firms’ most of the aspects. When I joined this firm I made sure I looked into all minor and major aspects in search of any feature which indicates the frims’ incompetence but I failed and that was when I finally agreed to join the forex trading platform. In the review below, I’ll try to put some light on the major features of the firm along with the major flaws that you should be aware of before joining. 

5 Stars

  • Clients Come first

Okay so this might be something very cliche but in reality, if this approach is deficient then the company might come to an end very soon. Here at Chelsea-Investments, the consumers are always told that the company has got their back and this is one thing that I have felt multiple times. If you look at the firm closely, you’ll observe how much effort the administration puts in to ensure that the customers remain at ease. I remember once I changed my laptop and lost my password. Losing the password for a forex firm can be a huge thing and hence I was super distressed. I called the representative and told them I need to get my account back urgently because I had to make a deal. They were kind enough to help me out instantly and this way I got my issues resolved within a short time. It’s not just one occasion, if you look at smaller segments of the webpage like Contact Us, Payment Methods, ebooks and education you’ll see how the company is striving to make the working conditions better for customers all the time. 

  • Smooth deposit and withdrawal processes

When I was at my second forex firm I was too young to understand the shallow tactics that these firms employed. I can’t recall the exact year but the storm hit the country and we all could see the stock exchange crashing in a few days. This was when panic spread and everyone wanted to withdraw whatever they had. I had no idea what I was up to exactly and only because my fellow traders were running and rushing to withdraw whatever little they had, I hurried too. That was then the reality of the firm unleashed. First of all, it took them very long to return our money and they kept ignoring us with vague replies such as we are working on it and that our network is slow because of the burden. Well, after many months when we finally got our money back it wasn’t anything close to the actual amount. On inquiring, we were told that the reduction was due to the withdrawal fee which was unbelievably high. At this platform, I checked for any such things beforehand and I was glad to find out that no such tactics are used to steal the hard-earned bucks. It isn’t only the withdrawal but the deposit process is also very smooth and easy. 

  • Anti Money Laundering and KYC policies

I believe it is the moral responsibility of every firm to make sure that their platform isn’t being used for anything that can be damaging to the state or society. To ensure that the platform isn’t being misused the firm has introduced a very well laid out anti-money laundering policy which can be found at the bottom of the main page under the legal section. It isn’t only this but the KYC or Know Your Client policy is all about verifying the credentials provided by the client to ensure that the people on the other end are not scammers or involved in any kind of anti-state activities such as money laundering or terrorism funding. It is ensured by verifying information that they are involved in what we call a good trade. I have seen how damaging the absence of such policies can be so this is something highly commendable in my eyes at least. 

4 Stars

  • Easy registration

Now let’s have a look into what the registration process is like. Although I did this years back I have rechecked it for the sake of this review. I like how they still ask for basic information only and haven’t made the form unnecessarily long. All you need to do is add information like your name, email number and then you are expected to go through important documents like the Risk Disclosure Statement and User Agreement. I have seen that many traders tend to ignore this because it seems very full but I would recommend you never think of skipping it because this gives you an idea regarding where you stand as a client.  

3 Stars

  • Non-availability for US-based traders

I am a huge fan of the broker in a lot of matters but what needs to be improved is that currently, the broker isn’t available to the residents of the United States. I don’t know what are the actual reasons behind it but some say this is because operation in those areas leads to threats for the other users. I don’t want the firm to straightway start functioning while the threats remain, but they should come up with a solution soon so that those living in America aren’t deprived of the services. 

Concluding Remarks

You must have noticed by now that I am satisfied with the services offered by the broker despite the flaws. This is only because the company makes me feel like they care for me and are constantly working towards making the services better. This approach is something that is very rare to find online these days. I have been in touch with the representatives over some issues such as the addition of PayPal and Bitcoin as a payment method and they have assured me that they will forward the concerns to the relevant authorities. Their assurance is something that gives me hope that other issues will also be sorted out soon.  

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.