LOS ANGELES, June 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Debate Me Now Technologies, Inc. (“DMN!”) and Rock The Bells, the preeminent voice for classic and timeless Hip-Hop, announced a strategic partnership, integrating DMN!’s new social video platform that allows audiences and celebrities to verbally spar around curated topics on Rockthebells.com. Utilizing DMN!’s proprietary debate platform, Rock The Bells’ audience will be able to engage on mobile or desktop, allowing two people to do “battle” on a range of Rock The Bells’ inspired topics.

The new Debate Me Now feature on Rock The Bells will allow inviting friends or foes to go head-to-head and debate a range of topics including “Lil’ Kim vs Nicki Minaj,” “Nike vs Adidas,” “Menace II Society vs Boyz N’ The Hood,” and many more. Post-debate, you will be notified once your epic battle has been processed and ready to be shared on your social media networks.

“We are thrilled to partner with and integrate our debate platform solution into Rock The Bells, further activating their users to engage with each other in truly meaningful ways around topics that matter to the community,” said DMN! Chairman, Jeff Mickeal. “We believe DMN!’s unique technology will enhance the Rock The Bells’ experience allowing users to easily create engaging short-form content that can be shared through their social media networks. With the talented editorial team of Rock The Bells driving the curated topics, promotions and contests, we are excited to be an integral part of the great upcoming battles surrounding the Hip-Hop culture community.”

DMN! Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer Trevor Downs added, “As an educator, film maker, and nurturer of future artists, I’ve always envisioned Debate Me Now! as a platform that gives a voice to all. Rock The Bells and the Hip-Hop culture thrives on the razor’s edge, challenges norms, and engages society like no other genre. It’s the perfect fit for a partnership leveraging our unique platform.”

“Debating culturally relevant topics has always been at the core of Hip-Hop culture. Through our partnership with Debate Me Now, we’re excited to create a digital space for our audience to engage in passionate discussions in a unique, modern, and elevated way,” added James Cuthbert, President of Rock The Bells.

About Rock The Bells  Rock The Bells is the preeminent voice for classic and timeless Hip-Hop. Founded in 2018 by LL COOL J, Rock The Bells focuses on content, commerce and experiences that honor the CULTURE and the core elements of Hip-Hop — MC’s, DJ’s, Breakers, Graffiti Artists — and more. Rock The Bells is the bridge between OG’s and those inspired by their groundbreaking influences on the culture. Visit us at www.rockthebells.com, stream  LL COOL J’s Rock The Bells Radio on SiriusXM Channel 43 and follow us @RockTheBells – keep it locked.

About Debate Me Now Technologies, Inc.  Based in Los Angeles, CA, Debate Me Now Technologies, Inc. is focused on developing and operating innovative online social media platforms that take advantage of today’s cutting-edge technology, smartphone capabilities and scalable cloud computing infrastructures for partners to leverage. The company also owns and operates the social debate platform, Debate Me Now! (www.debatemenow.com) which harnesses the authentic power of differing opinions and offers a new and healthier form of self-expression and entertainment. For more information, visit www.debatemenowinc.com

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