October 4, 2022


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Extruded Resin FDM Printing (With Lasers!)


At this level, 3D printers are practically everywhere. Colleges, hackerspaces, residence workshops, you name it. Most of these equipment are of the extruded-filament selection, better recognised as FDM or Fused Deposition Modelling. About the past handful of many years, low-cost Liquid crystal display printers have brought resin printing to quite a few outlets as very well. Liquid crystal display printers, like their DLP and SLA counterparts, use ultraviolet light-weight to overcome liquid resin. These equipment are generally praised for the super-significant element they can reach, but are realllly gradual. And messy —  liquid resin receives just about everywhere and sticks to anything.

We’re not just what [Jón Schone] of Proper Printing was thinking when he established out to change a traditional printer to use resin as an alternative of filament, but it experienced to be anything together the traces of “Can you make FDM printing just as messy as Liquid crystal display printing?”

It turns out you can. His very perfectly-documented investigation course of action is shown in the video underneath, and exhibits his style and design procedure, from original idea to virtually-kinda-operating prototype. As you may well anticipate, extruding a high-viscosity liquid at a managed price and laser-curing it is not an straightforward job, but [Jón] built a amazing try. From coming up with and constructing his have peristaltic pump, to sending a UV laser via fiber-optic cables, he explored a ton of various strategies to building the printer function. Although he may possibly not have been 100% profitable, the online video is a excellent reminder that not all initiatives have to go the way we hope they will. Even so, he’s optimistic, and stated that he has a several ideas to refine the design and style (and welcomes any enter from the community). This isn’t even the only new and attention-grabbing method to resin printing we’ve witnessed in the very last few weeks, so we share [Jón]’s optimism that the FDM Resin Printer will get the job done (someday, at minimum).

Many thanks to [Baldpower] for the tip!



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