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Long life is something that everyone wishes for. Nobody wants to die. So, when a person gets acquitted of a fatal disease, there is a great emotional problem going on within the person. When you’re told you have a congenital terminal disease or diagnosed with one – a medical ailment that will most likely kill you – there’s no right or wrong way to react. You could feel numb and unable to accept the news at first, or you might feel calm and matter-of-fact about dying.

The list of old age homes in Kerala is coming up with a variety of plans and techniques to help the seniors cope with the emotional upheaval that the senior patients are experiencing as a result of these terminal conditions. They make certain that such individuals’ final days are joyful and fulfilled. In this article, you will learn more in-depth information about this in detail.

Stay in home vs old age homes in Kochi

During the latter days of a fatal illness, one needs a great deal of mental support. If such a patient remains at home, they will feel lonely and melancholy. They may get more ill as a result of overthinking about their conditions. Furthermore, this will negatively impact the atmosphere of the rest of the house.

The family members will begin to feel despondent and powerless. They will start to believe that they are unable to assist their close ones and, as a result, begin to feel guilty and miserable. This isn’t good for the patient or for the family members.

On the other hand, if you go to any from the list of old age homes in Kerala, you will be surrounded by other people. You will always have someone or the other as your companion in this way. As a result, you will never be left alone. You can share your thoughts with them and feel much better in this manner.

Who knows your condition might also happen to improve? Moreover, the family will feel better knowing that they can do something for you. In this manner, the mutual understanding and support system will improve significantly.

Personalised attention and care

Doctors and surgeons from various departments are available at the deluxe old age homes in Kochi to give you personalised care and attention. Moreover, in the unforeseen event of an emergency, the physicians will arrive within minutes and treat the patient. If you need to be rushed to another hospital, there are ambulances available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, your health will never be jeopardised. You will have a lot of people rooting for you.

Enjoy the days to the fullest

Certain festivities and festivals are always scheduled for the residents of old age homes in Kochi. During the festivals, it is ensured that the residents have a good time. The campuses are decorated for this purpose with lights and flowers. There are musical performances and family members who come to meet the residents. If you stay there, you will be able to reintroduce some normalcy and enjoyment into your life. You may forget about the sadness and focus on making some good memories. You certainly deserve it!

Regulated diets

When people begin to suffer from any terminal ailment, you can only imagine how critical the diet plans become. There are various rules and regulations imposed on the minutest amount and quantities of the spices. Cooking such foods is quite time-consuming for the family members.

In the agreement, in the old age homes in Kottayam, there are culinary professionals who take care of the patients’ food regimens as recommended by the doctors. However, a nurse is even available on certain campuses to take care of the prescribed medications that you must take together with the food. As a result, your body will acquire the food it requires.

Physiotherapy sessions

Everyone craves comfort, regardless of their scenario. There is nothing more reassuring for those in need of therapy than physiotherapy sessions. With the aid of this session, you may rest your entire body and let the experts take care of you.

There are specific rooms for the physiotherapy sessions, which have peaceful music boxes installed, dimming lights, and even soft cushion sitting arrangements. So, every day, give yourself the impression that you are in paradise and rest. You can also participate in meditation sessions. You will have a new aesthetic sense in your life, and you will be able to keep optimistic about yourself as a result.


These points, which are given in this article, apply only to luxury old-age homes such as the Travancore Foundation. When you are trusting old age homes in Kottayam with the care and concern of your loved ones, it is critical that you do proper study on them.