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Solar panels are the devices that convert light energy taken from the sun into electrical energy. This conversion is done by the photovoltaic effect.

Do you know why these are incredible?   

Because they provide us with energy for later use. Let us we are out and about and some work is pending.

You want to send an email to your boss but you are running out of laptop’s charging.

The cherry on the top,

You forgot to bring the charger with you or your charger went misplaced.

What will you do then?

Solar chargers are meant for this purpose, they will provide power to your laptop when all the other methods failed to do so.

Solar charges are made up of solar panels so here arises a quest,

Quest is, how many solar panels you need to charge a laptop?  

This article will help you to get the answer to this question, you all need to get along with me through this journey.

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Are you ready?

How many solar panels does it take to Power a Laptop?

If we see generally computers vary according to power consumption. Especially computer laptops are one that uses less energy than desktop ones.

Do you know what matters?

In both cases whether you are using a desktop computer or laptop, the types of hardware components you are using, and how you are using them on daily routine matters.


For this reason, you also need to know about the load no matter it is your laptop or desktop.

Not only this but also,

You also need the hours of backup required by your laptop, based on these features and factors the power needed for charging is calculated, and from that calculation number of solar panels calculated.

Keep in your mind,

Do not ever even try to run your devices directly on solar panel cause it will seriously affect the device.

Numbers Of Solar Panels

Let us have an eye on the number of solar panels we need to provide power to our laptop.

Are you with me in this so far?

That’s great, if you are using a small netbook computer then it hardly consumes 45 to 60 watts of power.

On the other end of the spectrum,

If you are using a large laptop or gaming notebook maybe then it consumes at least 90 watts of energy.

If you want to figure out how much power is needed by your laptop then you can find out this by looking at the adapter of your laptop.

The problem here is,

That the power does not always mention in watts but in amps, if this happens with you as well then you can convert it into watts into amps by simply dividing amps with volts.

To rate your solar panels at their peak out capability and due to weather conditions it is quite atypical to get the full check of graded energy from them.

What to do in this case?

The answer to this dilemma is to get yourself a solar panel that is capable of producing 20 percent more power than you required for charging your laptop.

An example of all this scenario is that a 65-watt solar panel is capable of producing an average energy of 50 watts.

The energy produced with the help of solar panels also depends on the weather conditions . in a clear and sunny day, your solar panel is capable of producing at least 55 watts to 60 watts.

All in all,   

If you want to use your laptop for 8 hours or a maximum of 9 then your laptop needs 300*8= 2400 watts of solar energy from your solar panel.

A single solar panel can accomplish 100 to 300 watts of max power. If you establish solar panels of 200 watts and the weather condition is in your favor then two solar panels will be ideal for the supply of power to the laptop.


Though solar panels are best for providing energy for later use you should know about a load of your device before installing a solar for it.

Access amount of power can also affect your device. Above mentioned points are for the number of solar panels you need to use or charging of your laptop, I hope they will help you.

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