Rhubarb Pie
Selfmade rhubarb pie for dessert with friends Saturday evening.

My mother was 1 heck of a pie baker. She’d send out my brother and I out on our bikes to select wild blackberries. She warned us not to eat way too many or there wouldn’t be more than enough for pie.

She taught me how to make crust. The magic formula is to scarcely touch it. The much more you manage it, the more durable it receives.

I keep in mind checking out her with my infant daughter and toddler son. She had created clam chowder (my preferred) and baked a wild blackberry pie.

I raved about the pie and her ideal flaky crust.

She laughed and claimed she was accomplishing some thing different now that she was over 60. She confirmed me the box of Pillsbury Pie Crusts! I was stunned. I practically could not notify the variance between the boxed crust and her popular home made crust.

I ongoing to make crust the old fashioned way. But I didn’t like the mess of flour all about the counter and sink. I didn’t like cleaning immediately after producing pies. So one particular working day I folded and purchased the crusts. My loved ones did not discover the distinction.

I observed it was tremendous uncomplicated to bake pies and it was not an ordeal. Unroll the crust and fill it. Bake. Presto! You have pie.

I sense guilty when we have visitors over and they rave about my pie. But then all over again, at minimum they are not shop purchased!

Here’s the recipe from my mom’s Betty Crocker cookbook for rhubarb pie:

Rhubarb pie recipe

Do you think it is dishonest to make a pie with keep-acquired crusts?

Did you improve up with a Betty Crocker cookbook?

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