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In order to strengthen exchanges among members of the International Union for Science and Technology Communication (IUSTC), seek more cooperation possibilities, and promote international sci-tech cooperation, the first annual conference of IUSTC was convened on December 21 in Beijing, online and offline.

Launched in September 2018, this year’s annual conference reviewed the past three year’s work of IUSTC, presented the prospects for future cooperation, and discussed how to better facilitate international sci-tech cooperation with the help of multi-media.

Speaking at the conference, head of S&T Daily hoped that IUSTC would be committed to telling stories of sci-tech innovation, and promoting sci-tech cooperation and cultural exchanges.

“In the first place, how to better tell stories of Chinese scientific and technological innovation and show the world a real and three-dimensional China are becoming an important topic of global media, which is trying to understand China more. In the second place, promoting international cooperation in sci-tech, and ultimately contributing to the building of a community with a shared future for mankind have become the era mission of Chinese media,” head of S&T Daily said.

He also announced Xu Zhilong, editor-in-chief of S&T Daily, as the new chairman of IUSTC.

Xu reviewed three achievements of cooperation among IUSTC members at the conference. First, the increasing exchange of manuscripts and information of interview.Second, providing a platform for communication and cooperation. Third, jointly developing think tank initiatives.

Xu then went on to introduce the Weekly Edition of S&T Daily. Launched on July 1, 2021, the Weekly Edition covers contemporary topics related to science and technology, such as climate change, tracing the source of coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, the digital economy and the metaverse. In addition, the Weekly Edition keeps up with the cutting edge of sci-tech development and offers professional analysis.

Representatives of IUSTC members, presented their congratulations at the opening ceremony, summarized their past sci-tech cooperation, especially with S&T Daily and looked forward to more exchanges among IUSTC members. Thonglor Duangsavan, editor in Chef of Lao Press in Foreign Languages also attend the conference.

Vasily Pushkov, Director of International Cooperation, Sputnik News Agency and Radio, said: “Cooperation between Keji Ribao and Sputnik is a vivid example of general news outlets and specialized media effectively working together to promote scientific topics in the international information landscape and further develop this practice. In this regard, we are very pleased that our partners are actively engaging us in international discussions such as, for example, the World 5G Convention, where Sputnik experts have been sharing their views on the use of advanced media technologies for two years. Special events promoting the exchange of science news also deserve a mention here.”

Zhao Sha, China Media Development Director of PR Newswire, said:”The development of search engines, social media, digital technology and the popularity of mobile devices have fundamentally changed the pattern of global news distribution. In China, more and more media have been very successful in distribution combine with the social media, video, photo, and big data technology. In addition to their authority, more importantly, they have found the best way to tell stories on different distribution platforms. In 2018.9, PR Newswire joined in IUSTC, which is the first platform with the mission of international dissemination for science and technology found by Science and Technology Daily. We made the international channel wider, besides, more deeply content also can share freely at the first time in IUSTC.”

Wang Li, Executive Vice President of Clarivate, said:”IUSTC is a great platform for the global audiences to learn science and technology development. Clarivate has been a member of IUSTC since its establishment in 2018. We are truly thankful for the great support from all IUSTC members over the past four years. At Clarivate, our vision is to improve the way the world creates, protects and advances innovation. To achieve this, we deliver critical data, information, workflow solutions and deep domain expertise to innovators everywhere. This is well aligned with the aim of IUSTC, which is to improve the efficiency of communication on science and technology related information. I look forward to working more closely with each member of IUSTC in telling more good stories in science and technology development. I am sure that our work will help the world better understand science and technology frontiers that are shaping our future.”

Okimura kazuki, honorary president of Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) said at the conference:”Since its establishment in 2018, IUSTC has played an important role in promoting the exchange and dissemination of scientific and technological information globally. Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, the schedule of this annual worldwide meeting remained unchanged. I would like to express my heartfelt respect to this meaningful meeting for science and technology exchange, and innovations. Major changes are expected in the future internationally, I believe that cooperation between China and Japan will become more and more important. In the future, mutually beneficial relationships where all parties can learn together are highly anticipated. I would like to make efforts with IUSTC, with continued support in the future.”

Suzanne Kerbavcic, Head of Communications, Public Information and Outreach, ICGEB, said: “Initiated by Science and Technology Daily, IUSTC was established in September 2018. Since its establishment, the IUSTC has played its important role in promoting global sci-tech exchanges and cooperation, improving the efficiency of sci-tech information, communication, and enhancing media influence. In 2020, ICGEB Regional Research Centre was established in Taizhou, Jiangsu province. The research centre is expanding interactions between the international communities, in particular Italy, and China, focusing on vaccines, antibody drugs and in-vitro diagnostics. Through digital media platforms, public engagement, and media relations, ICGEB contributes to promote international sci-tech cooperation together with IUSTC.”

In today’s world, science and technology are playing an increasingly significant role, especially in addressing common issues, such as COVID-19, climate change, green and sustainable development and economic recovery.

Therefore to help promote the spread of scientific and technological information, the IUSTC Secretariat issued four working initiatives for IUSTC members.

In addition, a report titled Science and Technology in Supporting Global Efforts to Achieve Carbon Neutrality-Global technology development report 2021 climate change was released on the conference by S&T Daily, and supported by the data from Clarivate.

The report is a fundamental study of global climate change over the past 20 years, putting forward relevant suggestio
ns for international cooperation on climate change.

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