The Crypto market exploded in 2020, shattering records it had set just a few years before. As a result of the pandemic’s failure to pass, 2021 began with Crypto reaching even greater levels. Many cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others, reached fresh highs in the early weeks of the New Year. Bitcoin has recovered from a collapse that occurred a few years ago. So, what prompted this all-time high? One of the reasons I was hesitant to invest in Crypto was that there was no established central exchange mechanism for financial markets.

By 2021, the system has taken shape, with tens of thousands of crypto exchange platforms available on the internet. Since the introduction of cryptocurrencies into the general market, crypto exchange platforms have flourished. However, I was unaware of such exchangers and did not want to risk losing my assets. There are so many exchanging platforms on the internet that deciding which one to join becomes tough for me. This is a crucial decision since it entails depositing funds into an account that you may or may not be able to access, depending on the platform’s trustworthiness.

When I decided to pursue a career as a cryptocurrency dealer, I had a lot of difficulties. There were just a few exchanging platforms available, and there were few reviews available. I had to figure out which platform was dependable on my own by signing up for many platforms and determining which one best suited my needs as a cryptocurrency exchanger. I had to spend some of my money to figure out which was best for me. Still, it was well worth it because I found a trustworthy crypto exchanging platform that was well-known in the market and had a lengthy history of working with cryptocurrencies. KeepABit was the platform, and I’ve been using it as my daily exchanging site since I first joined up.

Why Investors Chose KeepABit?

Investors choose KeepABit all around the world for a variety of reasons.

Flexible Payment MethodsAll major credit cards, such as Visa and Mastercard and bank wire transfers, are accepted.
SafeKeepABit keeps your money and personal information safe and secure, so you can focus on what matters.
Advanced TechnologyKeepABit’s platform is powered by powerful and dependable technology to provide an excellent market environment.
100% LicensedThe Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre has registered KeepABit (AUSTRAC).

Why I Chose KeepABit?

You may be asking why I would select a single platform over others far less expensive and offer similar features. An exchanging platform’s service quality is decided not by account pricing and tools but by how these things are presented. Many platforms may provide a comparable platform; however, they may not be updated as technology evolves.

This puts you in a challenging position as a dealer. You can’t quit since your firm is now reliant on it, and you can’t stay since the platform’s tools have grown obsolete. So, I compared a few variables to other platforms to assist me in determining why KeepABit was the best option for me as a dealer. These are the factors:

  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Crypto support
  • How to sign up


Given that cryptocurrencies are projected to replace the world’s financial system with a decentralized structure, the need for a safe approach is evident. For example, I had to submit account information and personal details with an exchanging platform to set up a transaction on their platform. Even though cryptocurrencies are not the world’s leading currency at the moment, they are nonetheless responsible for billions of dollars in daily transactions. This taught me the importance of keeping customer account information private and locked away. It would be a severe hit to an exchanging platform’s image if any outside source gained access to crucial client information.

Any platform that compromises its security system and fails to keep ahead of any leaks or hackers, in my opinion, cannot be trusted, and I would advise you to avoid them even if they offer lower costs. Security cannot be replaced by cost-effectiveness. You have a lot to learn before becoming a crypto exchange dealer if your goal is to acquire the cheapest product rather than the best price to performance goods.

I understand the difficulty you may feel while looking for platforms that meet the essential security criteria because I was once a beginner myself. However, KeepABit was my first choice due to its dedication to offering frequent system updates based on industry research. They’ve been able to keep hackers at bay this way, and they haven’t had any major incidents where their clients’ data has been exposed.


Even as a beginner in the Crypto exchanging sector, I was aware that the crypto markets are always moving. Knowing when to make exchanges is the only way I could make money. A platform must always be operational, regardless of where you are in the world. Dealers travel the globe to make promises to their customers. They need constant access to their exchange accounts to conduct deals when they detect an opportunity.

When a dealer goes on a vacation outside of the country, the possibilities of the crypto market dynamics moving are high; this isn’t a coincidence; it’s just how Crypto works at the moment. When I was in a place where the exchange platform was not available, I stumbled upon KeepABit. However, I was able to sign up just as quickly since KeepABit maintains many servers in several locations worldwide to guarantee that its users are not left out when they travel. Unfortunately, this server network is not as extensive as I would like it to be, and certain places remain unconnected. KeepABit, on the other hand, has ensured that its networks cover the world’s financial centers, and they are working to extend its support network.

Crypto Support

KeepABit is one of the few crypto exchanges that can be trusted when it comes to actual real-time transactions. They offered me support for various cryptocurrencies, the most well-known of which being Bitcoin and Ethereum. Other cryptocurrencies are also supported on this site. Despite having a broader crypto portfolio than some of its competitors, KeepABit is missing several coins that have gained public acceptance. Cryptocurrency cannot be successful unless exchanges support it. KeepABit has been in discussions with several blockchain owners to access their clients and expand the number of cryptocurrencies available on their platform. However, because I favor Ethereum and Bitcoin, I had no problems.

Customer Care

When I’ve needed help from the KeepABit platform, I’ve always found them to be kind and professional. During regular business hours, their customer care staff is available to assist with any issue relating to the services they provide. For example, I recall being in a scenario when a critical transaction was on the verge of failing, and I called the customer service staff for assistance. Their team of professionals could pinpoint the root of the problem, and my transaction went off without a hitch. Even though a network fault caused the problem, the support crew was helpful in my time of need.

Signing up

If you decide to use KeepABit as your everyday exchanging platform, these are the steps I suggest you take to ensure a smooth sign-up process. I went to their webpage and chose the option to register. Then, I entered my information following the criteria. Don’t worry about security; KeepABit has a reputation among its customers for high-tech security mechanisms, and they will do all possible to maintain that reputation.

I was ready to start once I completed my biographical information and provided my financial information as requested. I sent the cash required to complete the registration in Australian dollars, US dollars, or Euros. This price is negligible compared to the potential income you can make using the resources available through this new account. Congratulations, you are now a member of the KeepABit family and may use the offered tools whenever you choose.

Closing Argument

Not all platforms are created equal. There will always be flaws, and sometimes the difficulties that do arise are not the platform’s fault. For example, if you unintentionally disconnect your internet connection, you can’t blame Netflix. KeepABit has flaws, but those flaws are what make it a robust platform. They are continually learning from their mistakes and changing their processes.

My only piece of advice is to keep an eye on the pricing. If anything appears to be too good to be true, it may not be accurate regarding security and quality. Price isn’t always a reliable indicator of a product’s quality. From a user’s perspective, experience aids in determining genuine quality. That is precisely what this review is about. It’s my opinion on KeepABit’s treatment of me as a frequent user.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only, and this is not a recommendation