Mahindra XUV700 has become a mega-successful model for the Indian manufacturer. The all-new XUV700 comes loaded with a long list of features and there is so much demand for the car that the waiting period extends to months. But many buyers who have received the delivery of the new XUV700 have reported glitches including screen blackouts. Here are a few instances where the owners complained about the new screen of XUV700 becoming unresponsive.

Multiple Mahindra XUV700 owners face infotainment screen blackouts [Video]

Shifu on Team-BHP reported that a similar problem happened with his one-month-old XUV700. According to the owner, the car has done a total of 1,000 km when he started facing the issue. He was driving the car when the dual screens of the Mahindra XUV700 went dark. The owner of the car immediately restarted the vehicle to see if it can make the problem go away. However, that did not help.

When they stopped for a lunch break for 30 mins and restarted the car after that, the screens started working normally. The forum member asked other owners about the problem. It turns out another member zeus_700 faced a similar problem. However, he added that there are many niggles but they are not major ones and one can live with them till Mahindra finds a fix.

Multiple Mahindra XUV700 owners face infotainment screen blackouts [Video]

The second owner faced the screen blackout on the first day of ownership. There are many other problems that he has faced including music playing from the radio at ignition, the sunshade opening on its own, AdrenoX not displaying the metrics of the trip, key not coming out of the slot. Adronex app logging out on its own.

Other owners have faced similar problems

There are a few YouTube channels that have posted similar problems recently. A channel Raftaar 7811 has uploaded a video of the Mahindra XUV700 that shows the screen blacked out. The owner tried making the screen work by touching but it was responsive. The instrument cluster of this car was still working while the infotainment system blacked out completely.

Another owner The Car Man uploaded a video on YouTube that shows both the instrument cluster and the infotainment system not working. The video shows that the owner is driving the car but the screens are not working. The owner of the car called the Mahindra service centre to reach the home of the owner with a laptop. After trying to get the screen to work, the mechanic left the car as is.

However, when the owner started the car again after some time, he could see the lights and warning lamps blinking. However, the screen was not displaying all the available information.

Have you or someone you know faced similar issues? If yes, do let us know in the comments below.


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