Here's what Netflix is predicting about the future of TV

Netflix is one of a few internet based streaming services that provides both original content, as well as a few older fan favorites. With thousands of titles on offer, it is easy to find something to watch. But the question we need to ask ourselves is, has Netflix ruined tv?

While many will say no, and still subscribe to cable and satellite television options, one cannot deny the convenience as well as the lower cost of streaming services such as Netflix. When signing up, it is important to either own a smart tv, or have internet at home. Looking at tv and internet service providers and the packages available is essential in getting the most reliable yet cost effective internet line.

Netflix has changed the way we watch our favorite shows. Netflix has changed the way we think about tv, as well as changing our viewing habits. While cable tv will make you wait for the next episode of a show you are watching, Netflix often loads full seasons of a series in one go, which is perfect for binge-watchers or those who cannot wait to see what happens next. This does however remove the wait, speculation and excitement of having to wait until the next episode is released. Netflix offers both original and older content, allowing you to re-watch your old favorites from your childhood, as well as cult classics that were popular in the last decade or two and had huge followings.

Netflix has the ability to be viewed offline, as users are able to download the content onto an application on their smartphone or laptop and watch it on the go, such as on their morning commute or while they are in between tasks and have to know what happens next in the show they are currently watching.

What are the pros and cons of Netflix?:

●       It is easy to use.

●       There are no commercials to interrupt your viewing.

●       Netflix enables users to download content and watch it offline on another device.

●       It is affordable and has packages to suit any household.

●       You are able to stream Netflix on as many devices as you want concurrently, but note that you will pay an extra subscription fee for this.


●       Content selection depends on location. It differs from country to country.

●       It has an outdated library in some customers’ opinions, as it has older movies and series available.

●       Netflix often cancels shows after 1 or 2 seasons, leaving fans and users wanting the finality of what actually happens next.

●       The newer content is not always available, and customers need to wait to see the next instalment in their favorite show.

When weighing up the pros and cons, it is clear that Netflix has many more pros and can provide hours of cheap entertainment. While it has not ruined tv, it has certainly changed the way we do things. But one cannot shy away from technological advancements, and should rather embrace them. A change is as good as a holiday!