How many are sick of hearing stories of traders who are being bullied and looted by fake forex firms? I am sure all of us. New traders enter the trading world with high spirits and huge goals but these fake firms make sure they return home all upset and disappointed. People ask me if I had an opportunity to eradicate one thing from the trading profession what would I do. My answer is quick and simple, get all the fake forex firm beneficiaries behind the bars. 

If you are young or don’t have enough experience then you might be thinking I am exaggerating because probably you have seen lives being destroyed. Fake forex firms have left people devastated and careers destroyed. I have myself been trapped multiple times and I know it is very hard to keep safe from these. I am glad that finally, regulatory authorities are starting to become more active in this regard but the efforts aren’t enough. Keeping this in mind, I’d say that the responsibility lies with you to search and find a trustworthy forex firm. 

The researching process isn’t an easy one. Not only because you can’t find people who are relevant and can tell you more about the firm or any other sources of authentic information but because there is a probability of all sources providing you with information that is poles apart yet right. This happens only because trading is a huge profession in itself with a wide range of branches. All traders use one single forex firm for different reasons and also make use of it differently. This diversity leads to a difference in the trader’s accounts. For example, someone who has a small business and a basic account would say that the cash withdrawal rate is just okay while the one having a higher account like Platinum would give you an opinion contrary. So it is you who has to see which one the two you can relate to the most and then trust the opinion. 

This is why I always say that an online review can never be enough no matter how neutral or original it is. How can you expect someone you have never met to know more about you and your business needs better than you? So it is you who will have to take the lead and beat the fake forex firms. And this isn’t only limited to the process of making the right choice, if you become an avid researcher you’ll feel the change yourself because now you have greater control over the consequences of your actions and decisions. On the other hand, if you keep trusting people blindly you’ll end up finding yourself back to square 1 no matter what. 

I might be sounding like an expert who has never fallen for the flashy fake firms, but in reality, I have myself been exploited by these many times. I confess I did not research the right way, but these firms have mastered the art of laying skilful traps which manage to fool even the most experienced traders out there. And the most interesting part is that I was scammed by forex firms back to back yet I wasn’t able to scam them. This was only because each one of them was working in the market for many years and had developed innovative methods to trap. 

When I got to know about NostraCapital I wasn’t expecting a lot because by then I had lost my money a lot of times. But my friend finally convinced me to look into the broker. After research spanning three and a half months, I was ready to give the firm a shot and see if it worked. Fortunately enough, it did and here I am today. I feel like if you want to attain success then you need to get yourself something like NostraCapital because it is great at providing the traders with an optimal working environment and that’s the key ingredient. We will divide the readings into categories based on ratings out of 5 in the review below so that you clearly get an idea of what features stand where at the firm. 

  • 4.5-5.0

Client first approach

I think the only secret behind the success of any forex broker is this approach. If you keep your clients before anything then nothing can come in your way to success. If you don’t make the cents feel that you have got their back, there is no way that you remain hooked to your company for anything more than 2-3 years. Here at NostraCapital, I love how we are made to feel that the company has a solution to any problem that we’ll ever fall into. This is why we trust the broker with all our money and assets. One example of this approach lies in the disclaimer which is placed at the bottom of the landing page. It says that the services aren’t available in some jurisdictions such as Cuba and Syria. I was not sure why they would do this considering that a large number of people are involved in forex trading in these regions. In inquiring, I found out that if the company operates in these areas, it gives birth to threats for the rest of the clientele and this is what the firm would never do even if it comes at an expense of their own profits. I was astonished to know that and I am hoping that whatever the issues are, they get resolved and the firm operates all around the globe. Not only because it will be good for my firm but also because I don’t want the traders to remain away from such an efficient broker. 

Theme pleasing to eyes

The first time I opened the website was a few years back. I remember staring at the creative figures on the main page for some time. They kept me hooked for so long and we’re the driving force for me scrolling down and exploring the website further. I like how they have a lighter backdrop. An attractive colour scheme along with other elements makes the website very pleasing to the eyes which makes the users experience even better. 

  • 4-4.4.0

High affordability

This is another factor that a wise trader would look into before signing up for a firm. A good firm is the one which offers you the most in a small amount of money. Here at NostraCapital, the fee is very reasonable and they provide you with a lot in such a small amount. In fact, I love how the firm never intends to steal your money in the name of hidden charges. Also, you are not expected to pay any extra money as a commission fee. Whatever you are expected to pay is justified and you’ll be informed about it before you formally join the firm. I remember clearly, in one of my previous platforms, I woke up one day to see that my balance had gone down to a limit which shocked me. I quickly called customer support and they told me that the money was deducted from the accounts of all users because the website had to undergo upgrading. I had never heard of it before but thankfully this has never happened here. I have placed it under this rating only because I feel like the basic account holders should have free accounts because they are young traders usually who are not in a financial position to even pay for a small amount most of the time. 

  • 3.5-4.0

Payment methods need to be updated

Okay, so this is something I wanted to drop an email about. If you open the website, you’ll see that the broker offers you a total of three methods to make payments which are Maestro, Mastercard and Bankwire. I like the choices because they are popular all around the globe but I would love to see options like Cryptos and PayPal.

Webinars not for all 

I think this is probably not the best thing that a firm can do to the young ones out there. This segment is already fighting on a lot of fronts and we should always try to facilitate them because our future lies with them. If you open the account types page you’ll see features of different accounts and it can be seen that basic account holders do not have access to Webinars. I think they are the ones who need it the most so something should be done about it because these Webinars are a great source of new and authentic information. 


I cannot ignore the fact that NostraCapital has some flaws and shortcomings which might not be very easy to overlook but if you look at the broker in totality you’ll find it great. I have found this firm highly satisfactory and I’ll give it a 4.8/5. You can look into it if you want your future safe.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.