RosewoodTrust is a fantastic CFD brokerage service that can be found online. I’ve been a client of this online trading platform for a long time and have always had a pleasant experience. When people ask me which platform I use, I generally suggest RosewoodTrust. It appears to me as a trustworthy internet trading platform. After reading my review, I hope you can determine for yourself whether or not this platform is right for you as a trader and meets your requirements.

This trading platform is open to traders from all around the world. On this platform, you may trade over 250 financial CFD products, including indices, commodities, currencies, crypto, and stocks. This is advantageous to me because I wanted to diversify my trading portfolio.

The platform is user-friendly for beginners, and my brother recommended it to me because I was new to trading. Low-dormancy trading is possible on this platform. Modern tools, good customer service, and easily configurable charts are also available on the platform. The high-speed execution is, in my opinion, the most amazing element of this trading platform. Time is money, and I admire the platform’s respect for its customers’ time.

When you sign up for a forex business, you never know whether it will be good enough, but I had a strong feeling about this one. Now that I am a satisfied customer of the website, I can say that I made the right decision. Everything here is excellent, from security to customer service, and I am certain that not only my assets but also my future, are in good hands. As we go through the review, I’ll explain who the major players are in this feeling that is shared by all consumers.

I’d want to inform you that through a series of betrayals, I’ve learned what to look for in reputable forex business, and I want you to use all of these advised strategies to keep yourself safe from the con artists. Also keep in mind that you don’t want to get tempted by flashy features and wind up compromising on important, if not essential, aspects such as the firm’s general efficiency and trading operations.


I have to say that RosewoodTrust’s security is beyond excellent. Based on the last few years I’ve spent here, I can say that. There haven’t been any security breaches or network assaults that I’m aware of. When I first went to my seniors to inquire about the website, everyone assured me that RosewoodTrust’s security is incomparable. After reading the legal section in particular and documents such as the Privacy Policy, Bonus Policy, Withdrawal, Refund and Cancellation Policy, Terms and Conditions, Risk Disclosure Statement, and Anti Money Laundering Policy, I was delighted to see how transparent the documents were drafted and how the company was not interested in keeping the customer in the dark about the risks involved. All of the associated risks are also explicitly stated in the disclaimer at the bottom of the page, allowing traders to take appropriate precautions.

Overall Look

When your website becomes your office, the general appearance of the forum is really important. Trading activities and processes are quite complicated, and the website’s theme may significantly improve the experience. Although I believe the website is attractive, I believe that certain adjustments are required from the perspective of a trader. A light background, in my opinion, would be excellent for a website because it makes operations like charting much easier. Although a dark backdrop color may appear trendy and sophisticated, it might be difficult for the eyes. I can’t deny the presence of opposing viewpoints, thus I’d like it if the company added a theme selection option. 

Let’s move on from the topic to the visuals. The visuals are fantastic. The videos have been added to the page to make it more interactive, which I appreciate. The font color and style, as well as the shape, are all laid up in a way that makes them easy to read and noticeable.

It is fair to say that the website is user-friendly and appealing. Both of these characteristics make it more interesting, which is something you should all be aware of. The top button, the logo leading to the landing page, and the general self-explanatory character of the web page make it suitable for traders who are new to the website and who do not have a lot of experience. I must say that a user-friendly website eases half of the problems, while a competent customer care service helps reduce the other half.

Account Types

If I didn’t include a section on Account Types and basic trading conditions in my RosewoodTrust review, it would be incomplete. Each of the four primary profiles has its own set of characteristics and advantages. It is totally up to you to decide which one to use based on your trading preferences.

RosewoodTrust Account Types

A Savings Account is an excellent place to start if you’re a beginner. You’ll have access to over 200 tradable assets, with leverage up to 1:100, premiums up to 1.5 percent, and company ratings. The only restriction is that you pay a minimum of $250. You get excellent value for that price.

There’s also the Passive Income Account to consider. The leverage is 1:200 this time, the spreads are up to 1%, and you’ll get tier-3 trading room research, monthly seminars, an incentive fund, financial planning, and more. If you deposit at least $5,000, you can get all that.

The third option is to open a retirement account. You’ll get leverage of 1:300, spreads of up to 0.5 percent, webinars, and a tier-2 trading room review if you spend at least $20,000 this time.

Wealth Builder is the name of this broker’s most recent account. You’ll enjoy ultra-tight spreads of up to 0.3 percent, a $5,000 bonus, invites to VIP events, and equity of up to 1:400 if you deposit more than $100,000.

Transaction Speed

It might take some time to become accustomed to the Rosewoodtrust trading platform, especially if you spend most of your time on multiple platforms. This online solution’s core concepts are simplicity and time. It’s a great idea to keep things simple and successful, especially for volume brokers who want to make quick portfolio modifications.

Don’t get me wrong: the platform already has several tools for you to utilize to develop and assess your trading approach.

When you pick your preferred asset, you may track its performance in real-time and utilize tools to choose the best technique for you. There are a few different options on the platform to make browsing simpler. You can rapidly view all of your open and closed positions, deposit or withdraw money, adjust a section of the settings, and even properly contact the supporting network from inside the site.

Customer Support

I had no idea how much ease good customer support might provide when I initially joined a forex business, but as I observed my friends contact representatives for literally every difficulty they had, I knew this was something I needed to seek for. When I first signed up with RosewoodTrust, I was impressed by how well-run the company’s client support department was. The representatives were always kind and courteous. You may ask them even the most basic questions, and they will respectfully respond. 

RosewoodTrust Customer Service

To contact these well-trained professionals, go to the main page and look for the contact us option, then wait for it to take you to a new page. You’ll find a variety of ways to contact the reps here. Calling, chatting, emailing, and filling out a simple form are all choices. I’ve been making extensive use of the chat feature because of the time savings it provides. Email and phone alternatives are also popular and well-liked. To submit a form, you must first enter your name and email address, then attach a file or an image, type your message, and send it. Customers receive prompt responses from the representatives. It has been proved, however, that no platform or department is without problems. What I enjoy best about this is that the flaws are small. For example, I’d want to see an international number for all clients all over the world, and operational hours should be increased because difficulties can occur at any time and in any location.

Payment Methods

Customers can make payments using four different options, including VISA and bank wire. PayPal is used by many dealers throughout the world, thus it should be added to the list soon.

Ease of Access

Would you prefer to work from your favorite holiday area with your laptop? No, it’s not true. But what if you could make a highly profitable trade there in a matter of seconds? Yes, indeed. To address this, the company has made the website accessible through phone and laptop, and it is admirable that it is equally user-friendly regardless of the device being used. Furthermore, no external installation is required.


Feedback is something that not only businesses but also customers, seek. This encourages people to have more faith in the platform. This is why the platform has a feedback bar that displays how much someone appreciated the platform as well as its advantages and disadvantages. I enjoy how the firm allows people to express themselves freely.


I’ve never felt like I’ve made a bad decision at RosewoodTrust. This is partly due to the manner it has presented me with an ideal trading environment, allowing me to quickly double my profits.

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only, and this is not a recommendation