October 4, 2022


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Simple Universal Modem Helps Save And Load Data From Tape


Back again in the early days of the property pc revolution, knowledge was commonly saved on tape. Even improved, individuals tapes would make an almighty racket if you played them on a stereo, due to the fact the details was stored in an audio structure.  The Uncomplicated Universal Modem from [Anders Nielsen] is built to function in a similar way, turning information into audio and vice versa.

The project is made up of a circuit for modulating data into audio, and demodulating audio back into facts. It’s “universal” since [Anders] has built it to be as format-agnostic as possible. It doesn’t make a difference regardless of whether you want to keep knowledge on a electronic voice recorder, a cassette deck, or an old reel-to-reel. This develop must do the job reasonably well on all of them!

On the modulation side of factors, it is developed to be as analog-pleasant as attainable. Fairly than just spitting out tough square waves, it modulates them into good smooth sine waves with less harmonics. On the demodulation facet, it’s acquired an LM393 comparator which can examine facts on tape and spit out a cleanse square wave for effortless decoding by digital circuitry.

If you uncover your self striving to recuperate aged info off tapes, or producing to them for a retrocomputing challenge, this establish may possibly be just what you need to have. [Anders] even goes as far as demonstrating its use with an aged reel-to-reel deck in a handy YouTube video.

There really were being some bizarre means of storing facts way back when. Just inquire IBM. Video clip soon after the split.



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