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There are millions of people out there, living in dire conditions and suffering from all kinds of issues such as food insecurity, economic hardship, displacement, persecutions, and the impacts left behind by the COVID-19 pandemic.

To address these issues, many organisations have come together to help. Some examples include the World Food Programme, the UN Children’s Fund, the UN Population Fund, and many more. 

With the changing climate, various economic hardships caused by COVID-19, and protracted conflicts show that 2022 will again be another record-breaking year for people who are in need of external assistance to help get things back on track. 

Conditions in Ukraine 

The invasion of Russia within Ukraine has created one of the worst humanitarian crises in Europe ever since World War II. There has been an immense killing of thousands of people and forcing more than 12 million Ukrainians from their homes, which include 5.3 million who have left to neighbouring countries. 

The World Health Organization has delivered 100 metric tons of trauma and emergency medical supplies to Ukrainian hospitals. WFP is another agency that is working on reaching 6 million people in Ukraine with rations, canned goods, flour, bread, cooking oil, and all kinds of food aid. 

A prime example of a leading organisation that is actively working towards making a prominent change to the concerning Ukraine situation is Be an Angel e.V. – a reputable German non-profit organisation for refugee support from conflict and war zones. Their main expertise lies in evacuation processes and providing humanitarian support, plus on-the-ground assistance to refugees from Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, and Ukraine. 

The organisation was co-founded by Andreas Tolke and Ulrike Lessig in 2015 and for years now, has been leveraging the entire spectrum – from official support to job placement for refugees. They have evacuated over 12000 Ukrainians and brought 22M euros first aid to Ukraine from March to August 2022. Be an Angel also received 100% profits as a donation from Berlin-based record label Pelagic Records’ double- cassette compilation, ‘Ukrainian War Refugee Support – A Pelagic Compilation.” 

Be an Angle has also founded the Kruezberger Himmel restaurant in 2018. It has space for more than 100 guests, a team of 13 employees from different countries – all of them having a history of flight and only 2 that have any restaurant experience. The restaurant works to support Be an Angle financially to support their endeavours to provide effective aid to refugees. 

Moreover, Friends of Be an Angel is a counterpart of Be an Angel where Anya Verkhovskaya serves as the Director of the Board. Friends of Be an Angle is a non-profit organisation focused solely on fundraising, evacuating refugees from Ukraine to the European Union countries, and delivering humanitarian aid to Ukraine from North America and Europe. After the beginning of the Russian invasion on Ukraine citizens, this organisation has also started to work with donors to receive, purchase, collect, deliver, and distribute humanitarian aid in Ukraine. The aid includes hygiene and childcare products, water purification systems, blankets, food, ambulances, medications, medical equipment, clothes, generators, and so much more. 

By Rehan

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