ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – The name of your first pet, plus the street you grew up on make the rounds on social media as games and quizzes. Technology leaders in the stateline warn you to think twice about sharing these answers with the world.

“Would you walk down the street, and talk to a stranger, and tell them really personal information? No, you wouldn’t,” said Better Business Bureau Agency Director, Dennis Horton.

Horton said that’s essentially what you’re doing online. Recent cyber attacks pose as social media games. Horton said participating could put your security at risk.

“When you see those contests, or play this game, or an email comes and asks you to provide this information and you do it,” said Horton. “you’re essentially turning over all the information that’s needed for a crook.”

Online quizzes, copy-and-paste games and even commenting your favorite color on Facebook is enough personal information for hackers to use against you. Mike Broski is the President of Entre Computer Solutions in Machesney Park. He said hackers take those quiz results, and guess the security questions to your accounts.

“People use the same login and the same password for their social media accounts and their corporate accounts,” said Broski.

Broski said hackers who gain access to your social media and business files can leave breached bank accounts and make you a victim of identity theft.

“When a social media acount is set up, the passwords should not be the same one you use to get into your company,” Broski said.

But these preventative steps are simple.

“You need a strong password, they have to be at least 12 characters,” Broski said. “You need multifactor identification, and you need virus protection.”

Broski said virus protection is an absolute must to protect your personal information.

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