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ByElizabeth J. Bohn

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While as a new parent, you strive hard to give the best to your little one, sometimes it becomes difficult to make decisions about their essentials. To be honest, the life span of the majority of baby products, including clothes and gear is too short. They are needed till the time your child grows and becomes independent. On the other hand, essentials like baby feeding high chair encourage independent eating in babies and benefit you as well. Buying a feeding chair can be a time saver for many. It makes cleaning easy and also helps you manage your kid while working However, it becomes important to think twice before spending a fortune on things that are of no use tomorrow. 

baby feeding high chair

Top baby feeding high chair of 2022:

If you are looking for a high chair for a baby online, below are the best high chairs for babies that are reliable, durable, and affordable. 

1. New Sugar Doodle High Chair- 4399/-

This Sugar Doodle baby feeding high chair from R for Rabbit is EN 14988:2017 safety certified and is the most durable product ever. It features a dual meal tray and a storage basket that lets you keep your baby’s foodstuff without any hassle. This high chair is a convertible high chair to toddler chair and can be used for kids up to 5 years.

baby feeding high chair - New Sugar Doodle High Chair- 4399/-
Sugar Doodle baby feeding high chair. Click here to buy.

It has a weighing capacity of up to 50 kgs and is designed with high-quality PU and stainless steel. What’s amazing is this high chair for babies has 5 point safety harness to ensure that your little one could enjoy his time without any trouble. Grab this best high chair for a baby at an affordable price of 4399/- and train your kid for good dining habits.  

2. CandyLand High Chair – 4799/-

Your task of finding the best high chair for a baby becomes easier when you have CandyLand High Chair on the market. This high chair for babies features a 2-in-1- convertible high chair with 3 levels of meal tray adjustment. It has a removable meal tray to maintain hygiene.

baby feeding high chair - CandyLand High Chair - 4799/-
CandyLand High Chair. Click here to buy

Also, it has rubber grips at the base, so you won’t have to worry about your little one falling from the high chair. This baby feeding high chair provides the ultimate comfort and features multiple modes of backrest position and height adjustment. With this high chair, you only have to clean the detachable tray as there is no mess of cleaning their clothes and surroundings. The comfortable seat of the high chair for babies lets them enjoy their meal safely and stays stable even if they throw a tantrum. 

3. R for Rabbit Marshmallow Lite High Chair(Pink)- 6929/-

This baby feeding high chair is designed with kid-friendly material and has a 5 point harness to keep your baby safely fastened and comfortable. It has an optimal back-rest design that provides adequate padding to make your little one sit comfortably. Identified as one of the best high chairs for babies that come with 3-recline modes with adjustable footrest and complements the seat position while giving maximum comfort to the kid.

It has a smart folding function which makes it easy to fold and pack. Another amazing feature that makes this feeding chair for babies a perfect gift is its 6-level height adjustment. As your kid grows you can increase the height position of the dining table as needed. It has a carrying capacity of up to 20kgs and can be used for babies up to 5 years. 

4. Babyhug Fun Feast Highchair – 2790/-

This high chair by BabyHug can be considered one of the best high chairs for babies for several reasons. It features a food tray with a cup holder and can be pulled back when not in use.

It has cushioned seats for extra comfort and has a comfortable footrest that provides a flexible seating position. Moreover, this baby feeding high chair is EN14988 Safety Certified and focuses on the little details that matter the most. This chair can be used for kids up to 3 years and has a weighing capacity of up to 25kgs.

5. Star and Daisy High Chair – 9820/- 

This feeding high chair for the baby has 4 lockable wheels and prevents sudden falling of the baby. Also, it has four 360 degree wheels to drag it easily from the living room to anywhere. Its amazing horse-shaped leg design gives stability and more protection to the baby. It highlights multi-functional adjustable high chairs and meets all your needs. For instance, it has a 3 position reclining backrest that provides enough space as your baby grows. 

The seat height is adjustable with multiple positions and matches height tables. Most importantly, this baby feeding high chair is easy to clean and gives playful time to kids and mommy. It has a removable waterproof cushion and is easier to wipe, thus avoiding dust. This high chair can be purchased online at an affordable price of 9820/- and is feasible for kids up to 6 years. 

Take away thoughts!

Having babies and seeing them grow is an exciting journey. From diapers to cribs and feeding chairs for babies to clothing, the list of baby essentials is endless. So, if you have tons of unfinished household chores and nobody to take care of your little one, let this high chair do wonders for you. 

Note: The prices listed in the blog are subject to change as per the offers run by respective brands.


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