It is good to look for forex firm reviews by traders because they give you first-hand information about what the broker is like. It is always recommended that you carry out proper research before picking the forex firm because a large number of imposters in the market have made it impossible to land on the right forum without the due homework. I have seen how these fake firms have destroyed not only careers but also the lives of traders and sadly enough, they continue ruining the lives of traders. I have suffered a lot because of my habit of delaying, procrastinating and relying on others. You should always keep in mind that no one, apart from you, can analyze and assess your needs better than you can. This is why it is imperative that you learn to take the lead on matters. 

Research is one thing that you need to hold fast to before picking the firm but the term research is huge in itself. You have to make sure you’ve got all aspects covered in a manner that you are convinced about the authenticity of the firm. I am myself a trader who has been using TradeTheBit for many years. To be honest, when I first heard of the firm, I was not sure about the firm being worth the shot because of my bitter past experiences. Every time I wanted to give forex firms another chance, the tiny voice inside my head kept stopping me. Well, things went this way for a long time until one day I decided I’ll research myself and see if I should trust it with my money. 

Well, don’t blame it for it, I think it was justified. Yes, it took me around 3 months to probe into each of the important aspects and finally be convinced that TradeTheBit can be my long term, forex partner. It’s been so many years since then and I can’t recall a single moment when I have felt betrayed by the firm. The company has given me so much that I feel like I owe them a lot. 

When I see traders being plundered every now and then, I secretly pray they get a forum like mine soon. But a few days back I realized why not tell them about mine. This is why I am here, writing a review in an attempt to direct your attention towards the right path. I want to make it clear beforehand that TradeTheBit isn’t a firm that is free of flaws. All companies have one or another issue and that’s okay provided that those issues don’t make you end up in some really bad mess. TradeTheBit is great in many ways and has some faults too but I have lived with some and have also seen some being improved. I’ll say this was one of the good decisions that I have made. 

I got to know about the company through my cousin who had nothing to do with trading himself but his best friend was a customer and a trader. He kept telling me how he kept praising TradeTheBit and hence it might be worth a try. I was not ready to believe what someone I haven’t met was saying but he somehow convinced me to visit the website at least. 

When I first opened the website, I was particularly impressed with the catchy theme and it is holding on to my attention since then. I will give an account of the pros and cons of the website in the review below. I hope it will help you make your decision more easily. 


  • Security

Once you sign up for the platform, you need to immediately stop worrying about one of the most serious matters otherwise. TradeTheBit has always made sure that no compromises are being made when it comes to security even if it comes at the cost of losing a significant chunk of customers. I am someone who is very particular about how security works because of how my previous firms have been but this one has taken away all my worries. TradeTheBit has a foolproof security network that is being improved and made better all the time. I have never heard any fellow user complaining about losing money or being scammed.

  • 24/7 Access

If you have researched enough or have had the misfortune of signing up for a fake forex firm, you would have an idea of how some of these work by limiting the number of times you can access your account. This lets these firms see what’s inside the account and then make arrangements accordingly to steal it away. Fortunately enough, at TradeTheBit there is no limit to the number of times you login. In fact, you can use the website from multiple devices and that too 24/7. Such measures are proof of the firm being efficient and the policies begin customer-friendly. 

  • Customer Support

If you know TradeTheBit, you have to know how impeccable their customer support is. I like how well the individuals have been trained and they are well aware of ways they can help out their customers. I have been bothering them with all sorts of questions and haven’t found them impatient even for once. There are a number of ways you can get in touch with them such as through call, email, chat, and form. The form is a very basic one. They’ll ask you for your basic information like name, email then you’ll have to mention the details about your issue. They also let you attach images with the message. I have been using and loving the live chat option all these years. You need not worry about how responsive the rest of the means are. I know many people who use the other options and find them equally good and responsive. 

I’ll share my story with you. Once I was on my vacation trip to Europe and I had to make a deal. I have always used my laptop until just recently I found out how good the phone version can be. When I was there, a friend of mine called me and told me about the stocks he just bought. He said they seemed to be promising and hence I should also buy. I was sort of ready until I realized I didn’t bring my laptop along. I opened the phone version for the first time and started using it. Although the website is very user friendly, because I had no previous experience, I could not find where to log in from. I called him and slowly asked him for the right way to log in. He was too professional not to make me feel bad about it and helped me out in no time. Since then, I have been a huge fan of their customer support staff. Had it been some other firm, the guy would’ve laughed it off and put me on hold but thanks to the firm for hiring such professionals.


Although TradeTheBit has helped me out in times when all I could see was my dark future, it has been lacking at some points. 

  • Languages

TradeTheBit can only be used in one language which is English. I think there must be a whole lot of traders who aren’t as good with English so, in order to cater to them, the firm should consider adding more languages soon. If you aren’t that well with it, I am afraid TradeTheBit might not be the right broker for you. I hope the company updates very soon. 

  • Education Section

Although the education section of the website is very comprehensive and something substantial, the fact which brought it here is that it isn’t updated often. I have been reading the uploaded books lately and I am impatiently waiting for more. I like how they are for both the advanced and the basic knowledge holding audience. I had an idea what the basic ones talk about, yet I read them to refresh and I got to learn a lot. Looking forward to more books soon. The same goes for FAQs and glossary. These two are also not updated fast. We all know that pace trading is growing and developing. With so many advancements, it is literally impossible that we don’t have new terms to look for and new questions to get answers to. 

The Final Words

TradeTheBit has been a great forum so far. Although there are some issues that need to be addressed on a priority basis, I feel like this is one of the best decisions of my trading venture. I know trading and finding a forex firm isn’t child’s play but if you get your hands on a firm like this one, you can make lots and lots of profits in no time. Good luck to you!

Disclaimer: This review is written from my own experience and my self-knowledge only and this is not a recommendation.