Online streaming media is evolving and just launched the world’s first user-generated interactive video platform. Switching from viewing to doing is as simple as a tap on the screen. Audiences can now learn more about what they are seeing, shop directly from the video or simply sit back and watch like they always had. is opening the door for a deeper, more meaningful video experience.

Vancouver Media Technology Company Releases Platform, Changing Online Video Landscape Globally

Vancouver, Canada, June 24, 2021 –(– Streaming video has remained largely the same since the internet began but times are changing. During the pandemic, there was an unprecedented rise in online content streaming and creation. has launched the world’s first user-generated, interactive video platform; changing “viewers to doers.” This patented technology lets users turn a simple video into a video game, survey, shoppable experience or provides them with additional content that goes beyond what is on screen, all just a tap away. is forever changing the nature of video.

“ is the next evolution of online media, where content creators and audiences are more connected than ever before,” says John Mark Robinson, founder. “Traditional video has always been something that people simply sat and watched, even when they were consuming it on devices capable of so much more.”

Similar to other online video services, you start by simply uploading a video. The creator tools let you choose what objects or scenes you want to make “tappable” by watching your video and tapping on what you wish to enhance. You can then decide what happens when a viewer taps on that object. Examples include providing more information, offering a link, adding to a score… anything. In minutes, a video is enhanced into a Tap Video and the creator can then share the link and distribute to social media platforms.

“’s online video suite is simple to understand and use. Behind the scenes there’s an advanced technological ecosystem working overtime,” says Greg Stanway, CEO of “It’s industry pioneering, unique and pretty amazing to see it work when you tap an object for the first time, it really shows the potential.” is attractive to creators, companies and brands since a user can tap an object in the video and get a deeper experience. “Picture someone viewing a travel destination video, now they can simply tap the attraction to learn where it is, what to do there, how much it costs and reserve a ticket. This usually takes a ton of research. Now, the video does all the work and the video’s creator can see exactly what people are interested in,” explained John Mark Robinson. “Even a cooking video comes alive with where you can learn about the techniques, ingredients or a specific kitchen object or even order them right from the video… anything is possible.”

“We believe that is the next evolution of video technology that adds so much more but doesn’t get in the way,” Greg Stanway commented referring to how the video is maintained without interruption when being watched. “Sometimes people just want to watch, and that is all good. But when they want more, it’s there!”

About is a Vancouver based advanced media technology company that is driving the evolution of streaming media. Founded by John Mark Robinson, an entrepreneur with deep roots in the film industry in Vancouver and Hollywood, holds patents for digital object detection and combines its intellectual property with industry leading streaming technologies to produce the world’s first user-generated interactive video platform. The solution is fundamentally unique, easy to use and holds the promise to change the capabilities of streaming video forever. It is ideal for content creators and brands who wish to have a more engaging experience with their audiences and directly connect the video to more information, more actions and more options.