Watch The Ferrari Purosangue Out In Public For The First Time

The Ferrari Purosangue has already sold out for the first two years of production.

 Watch The Ferrari Purosangue Out In Public For The First Time

by Brad Anderson

The Ferrari Purosangue has yet to reach the hands of customers and already, it appears to be a huge success for the Italian car manufacturer.

Ferrari is a little late to the SUV party but its customers don’t appear to care. Indeed, order books for it have already closed as allocations have been sold out for the next two years. For enthusiasts in London, Christmas recently came early as HR Own Ferrari Mayfair took delivery of a lovely gloss black example and parked it in its showroom.

This is our first time seeing the Purosangue on the move in a public setting and as far as SUVs go, it is certainly one of the best-looking you’re going to come across. This particular example is made all the more impressive thanks to the host of exposed carbon fiber found across the exterior, including the side skirts, front and rear wheel arches, and the diffuser.

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Sitting at the heart of the new Ferrari is a 6.5-liter naturally-aspirated V12 pumping out 715 hp and 528 lb-ft (716 Nm) of torque. Not only does this engine deliver heaps of performance but it revs to a dizzying 8,250 rpm and is mated to an all-wheel drive system and an eight-speed dual-clutch transmission. Ferrari is expected to offer the Purosangue with V6, V8, and hybrid powertrains as the model matures.

The Purosangue sits lower than some of its rivals, like the Lamborghini Urus, and is also unique as it features suicide doors at the rear. Ferrari has also crafted the bodywork from lightweight aluminum and says the SUV can hit 62 mph (100 km/h) in an impressive 3.3 seconds.

Then there’s the price. In the UK, the Ferrari Purosangue starts at £313,120 ($386,922). That is considerably more than the Lamborghini Urus available from £177,000 ($218,718) and the Aston Martin DBX that can be picked up from £160,000 ($197,712).

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