People worldwide look forward to deploying monitoring software on business-owned devices of employees. Employee monitoring has become a need of the hours since employers have to allow their employees to work remotely from home during the pandemic. Apart from employees working remotely from home monitoring has become a compulsion for businesses. Employers also have to keep an eye on employees working in offices on business owed devices.

There are plenty of activities of workers that have forced employers to monitor them in working hours to the fullest. Goldbricking activities and data breaching activities can destroy any business. You can use the employees monitoring app on employees business owned laptop and desktop devices to keep a hidden eye on their activities.

What is employee monitoring software?

It is an application that you can install on business owned computing devices like laptop and desktop running with different operating systems. You can get physical access on the target to set up the employee tracking app.

Moreover, you can get access to the online dashboard where you can get your hands on the features to monitor employees’ business-owned devices to make sure about productivity and business safety. Users can record live screen, record surrounds, capture screenshots, view installed apps, block websites, GPS location, and keystrokes logging.

You can also use camera bug, MIC bug, read emails, windows logging dashboard, and browsing history. You can use these features on business owned computers running with multiple operating systems. The application is user–friendly and gives you instant results on the dashboard. Before you are going to use the target device should be compatible with the target device. For more details, users can visit the customer care support via online chat.


It is compatible with computer devices running with the windows and MAC operating systems. You can use secretly and remotely and monitor all the activities that happened on employees’ business owned devices.

How to install employee monitoring software?

You can get your hands on the employee tracking app to perform monitoring on business-owned devices, but you have to install a computer tracking app. You can get the subscription online, and you will receive a password and ID via an email. Now you can get physical access on the target device and get started with the process of installation. After you have ended up with the installation process then you can activate it on the target device. Now you can use the password and ID and get access to the online web portal where you can get access to the powerful features that enable you to monitor employees in working hours.

Use Employee surveillance app Features to monitor employees

Block websites

Users can remotely get access to the target computer device install browsers on laptop and desktop using windows and mac tracking app. Moreover, copy all the URLs of the inappropriate website and send it to the filters. Users will not able to get access to the block websites.

Live screen recording

You can use theonespy monitoring software for mac and windows and get access to the online dashboard where you can activate screen recorder. It enables users to record back to back short videos of the computer screen and send the recorded videos to the dashboard. You can perform a chrome screen recording, email, messages, social media screen recorder app.

Keystrokes logging

You can remotely get access to the target laptop and desktop PCs using the keystrokes logging app. You can get a password, messenger, messages, email, and social media keystrokes.

On-demand screenshots

You can capture on-demand screenshots on windows and mac PC provided to employees. You can capture screenshots of employees’ activities on business owned PCs. Employers can use this tool to monitor employees’ activities to the fullest.

GPS location

Employers can track and monitor the live Gps location of employees lost/theft devices remotely via the online dashboard of employee surveillance app. Users can monitor location history in real-time.

Camera bug

You can remotely control the target laptop and desktop device camera using a camera bug app to know what employees are doing in front of the business device.


Business safety and productivity have their importance these days. So, use employee monitoring app to monitor employee’s activities on business devices.