October 20, 2020


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Windows 10 Pro: Should You Buy It?

You will be in a dilemma if you are going to upgrade your operating System...

You will be in a dilemma if you are going to upgrade your operating System in your existing computer or you are going to buy a new one that weather you will choose Windows 10, or you should buy windows 10 pro. As we all can have a basic idea that the “pro version” is a more advanced one, but what are the parameters you should keep an eye on while choosing between the pro version and the normal one. 

In this article, we’ll try to evaluate is it worth buying windows 10 pro or not

Should I buy windows 10?

Well, it’s all starts with a question, and here we are trying to answer your answered question, “should I buy it?” If you are not using OS for business purposes, you can use the “Standard version” of Windows 10 for your home purpose. The standard version is called Windows 10 home.

You can find several features as same as the advanced version in Windows 10 if you are not really into an upgrade to the pro version or not willing to spend an extra penny for shared features. Both of the OS comes with added features, namely Cortana and Microsoft Edge, which help you edge your browsing. And both the OS can be used in laptop, desktop & tablet.

There are one smart login technologies from Microsoft called “hello,” which you could find in both the Standards and pro version with the Xbox app for gaming.

If you run Windows 10 Home and Windows 10 Pro side by side, it would be hard for you to recognize the difference until you delve into the settings. Most of the time, both OSes function in precisely the same manner.

In all the overlap in between two variants of the OS, what precisely are the deviations? The goodies you have with Windows 10 Pro are mostly targeted at professional users, and therefore do not mean an advantage to the average home user.

Is It Worth Buying Windows 10 Pro?

Windows 10 Pro Version comes with major advantages and improvements that give it the status of “The Best Operating System.” Almost bringing market capitalization to 39.22 trillion and still on an upward running curve. Now the question is- is it worth buying windows 10 pro.

Taking count the Hardware comparison, which is the base of any operating system, Windows 10 home allows up to 128GB of RAM support whether Windows 10 pro can allow you to install up to 2TB of RAM. You must be thinking that why do we need this. 

Enormous space- Certain technologies need space as much as possible, like Hardware virtualization, cloud virtualization, and hybrid cloud computing & 3D renderers.

The next thing is Clint Hyper V, which can be called the main reason you need Windows pro and why you should give an extra penny. Hyper V can be used for hardware and software virtualization in network infrastructure. As you can build a replica of a virtual computer in Pro models, you can evaluate your preference software/hardware system. 

Bit-Locker Encryption can be the answer to convince you to buy Windows 10 Pro version. Bit-Locker is an encryption software of Microsoft. It provides you extra layers of security to your USB keys & External Drives. You will only need a password to robust your data security.

One more important feature is Windows Sandbox. It allows you to test the System in a controlled 

Space, and it helps you to add and an extra layer of security to your System.

If you are thinking of local Domain Join, then Windows pro can be the savior for your business.

Windows 10 Pro version allows you to install Business updates faster and sooner.

Windows pro version also featuring Remote Desktop to aid IT admins.

For certain people, the additional money for Pro won’t be worth it. For those who need to maintain an office network, the update is certainly worth it. I guess we have answered the eternal question you had regarding is it worth buying windows 10 pro or not.