September 30, 2022


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Wooden You Like To Hear A CNC-Cut Phonograph Record?

Wooden You Like To Hear A CNC-Cut Phonograph Record?


Say what you will about [Thomas Edison], but it’s difficult to deny the genius of his self-proclaimed private favorite invention: the phonograph. Capturing seem as bodily styles on a malleable medium was actually groundbreaking, and the standard technologies that served as the key medium of recorded sound for extra than a century and created various major industries is even now alive and kicking now.

With so much technological heritage at the rear of it, what’s the aspiring inventor to do when the urge to spin your have phonograph records strikes? Easy — slash them from wooden with a CNC router. At minimum which is how [alnwlsn] rolled just after the “one-percent inspiration” hit him though reducing a PCB with his router. Reasoning that the tracks on the copper were being in all probability about as great as the groove on a document, he came up with some math to explain a fantastic-pitch spiral groove and overlay facts from a seem file, and turn the full point into G-code.

For a appropriate medium, he turned to the MDF spoil board made use of to ship PCB stencils, which just after about a few several hours of milling resulted in a relatively furry-hunting 78-RPM report. Shockingly, the file labored reasonably well on a wind-up Victrola. The spring-run motor was a minimal weak for the hefty wooden document and necessary a handbook guide, but you can extra or much less obviously hear the 40-second recording. Even additional stunning was how much far better the recording sounded when the steel needle was changed with a chunk of toothpick. You can verify out the entire issue in the video down below, and you’ll uncover the G-code generation scripts around on GitHub.

Is all this communicate about reproducing music employing wiggly traces puzzling you? Woah, there, whippersnapper — examine out [Jenny]’s primer for the MP3 technology for the track record you want. at?v=X1N9oMS3lRM


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