Word of the Day: forlorn

The word forlorn has appeared in 73 content articles on NYTimes.com in the past year, together with on July 20 in “The Antihero’s Previous Gasp” by Maya Phillips:

In 3 hours of listless dolor, Matt Reeves’s oppressively dour “The Batman,” which came out this spring, turned its hero into a comically emo Bat-adolescent. While Bruce Wayne was traumatized by witnessing his parents’ murder, the movie focuses so greatly on his forlorn expressions and tantrums that his ache seemed merely ornamental.

It is why the barbs sent by a parody like “The Lego Batman Movie” hit their self-serious focus on. “I really don’t discuss about emotions, Alfred,” the Lego-block Batman declares while caught mournfully wanting at his loved ones shots. “I never have any, I have by no means noticed one. I’m a night time-stalking, criminal offense-preventing vigilante, and a hefty-metallic rapping machine.”

Can you accurately use the phrase forlorn in a sentence?

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