In general, web-based online platforms have content that involves a lot of media. Such as video, image, and audio files require special space to be stored. This special thing comes from hosting. So far, there are some of the best overseas hostings which are often used by several site owners.

If we talk about overseas hosting, there are several options that we can use or recover according to the needs we need regarding hosting. However, in terms of quality and completeness of service features, users must be more selective in making choices. Because many aspects are taken into consideration, for example, such as the level of stability, company reputation, speed and so on. WordPress web hosting is one of the best hosting in the world today. For anyone who enjoys blogging, WordPress is not a new platform in the digital world. However, for those who are just starting in this field, of course, they will be wondering, what is WordPress? WordPress is a content management system or commonly known as (CMS) which houses almost more than 35% of websites in the world, and this percentage is not standard but will continue to increase, considering that hosting users themselves are increasing sharply.

CMS itself is a website-based application. Which both website owners and editors and content creators can manage the website and publish their content through the application without having to master programming first. WordPress itself uses PHP and MySQL which are very compatible with almost all web hosting services. And by subscribing to hosting specifically for WordPress, these users will get a faster server and of course very reliable.

For now, in general, the CMS itself is mostly used for blogging. However, the WordPress CMS can certainly be modified into an e-commerce website (or what we often know as an online store), an online newspaper, a portfolio website, and many others. When talking about hosting or WordPress web hosting, of course, there are so many benefits or uses of hosting. One of the advantages of WordPress is that it has an intuitive and user-friendly interface. Those who often do tasks in Microsoft Word will be very familiar with the page editor. You can write and publish posts right away without having to struggle with the complex interface system.

WordPress web hosting is open-source and free for all of its users. Nearly tens of millions of people from all over the world can create a quality WordPress website, have a modern look, and of course, have a wide variety of features.

WordPress1.0’s first version was released in January 2004. Its appearance is quite prominent and different from the WordPress we know today. However, the first version of WordPress already has core features that are still in use today, for example in the editor area, easy install process, custom permalinks, user management system, and comment moderation. From the past, around 2004 until now, WordPress has gone through various transformations. Which, currently WordPress has been developed, managed, and maintained by various kinds of communities that have thousands of members. They work remotely or so-called (from various locations) – mostly work voluntarily – and meet in person at WordPress conferences. WordPress releases its newest version every 2 or 3 months. In each version, there are various additional features and security system updates.

If we type the keyword WordPress or WordPress web hosting in the google search engine, the search results will display similar websites and will be very confusing for new or novice users. And a lot of the best hosting in the world, which is of course very diverse and confusing for beginners. However, some hosting providers are quite popular, especially king hosting. King hosting is quite well known, especially in India. To know the completeness of hosting the king and how popular it is,
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